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Kate Magowan LJ Community

Kate Magowan Live Journal Community
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A LiveJournal Community for the British actress Kate Magowan
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Kate Magowan was born 1st June 1977, and is a graduate of The Actors Institute in London. So far to date her film roles include parts in 24 Hour Party People, It's all gone Pete Tong, Devilwood and Stardust. Her next film will be the gangster thriller Tuesday to be released in 2008.

She is married to the actor John Simm and they have two children, Ryan and Molly.

This LJ Community doesn't have many rules other than to remember if you post anything with large graphics to use a LJ cut. We welcome any photos, icons, wallpaper and news about Kate's work, both past and present. This site has no connections to Kate Magowan or her management.

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